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Connect Answer provide HIPPA compliant, web-based, patient-centric, business management system to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs while improving patient flow.


Connect Answer’s system is designed by DME (Durable Medical Equipment) professionals for healthcare professionals.

The idea behind  system originated from a need the founder had when trying to address their own internal challenges in the DME industry. Connect Answer’s management team has over 55 years of diverse international experience in the Healthcare industry.

We are here to ensure that patient gets the service they need in the most efficient manner while streamlining operations, reducing costs and increasing profit margins. We can help you simplify patient care and delivery with integrated advance technology.

Ensure proper Continuity of Care with Connect Answer.

We provide comprehensive end to end Sleep Management solutions which includes ability for patients to remotely and virtually complete the questionnaires, patient registration, generate clinical/chart notes for physicians based on the questionnaires, track sleep studies (diagnostic lab), generate DME referrals (DME services), and Compliance management (Respironics and ResMed) as a single integrated management solution. 

This is the only known application that integrates with all these medical service categories as one solution.


Connect Answer’s “Referral Answer” is designed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals. WE support multiple medical service categories of sleep study management (diagnostic lab), DME referral management (DME services), and Compliance management (therapy management) as a single integrated management solution. This is the only know application that integrates all of these medical service categories as one solution.
The idea behind Referral Answer originated from a need the founders had when trying to address their own internal challenges in the HME industry. Combined, the Founders have 55+ year of experience in the Healthcare Medical equipment and Durables industry which allowed them to see firsthand the challenges that companies face in the healthcare space. We are here to make sure that patient gets the service they need when they need in the most efficient manner.


Patient Intake

Connect Answer delivers ultimate patient intake workflow. It includes integrated fax service, real-time eligibility checking and real-time workflow dashboard tracking.

Order Management System

Provides complete control of order processing with abilities to identify backlogs, red flags, opportunities and other costly delays in real-time.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your financials and which direction they are trending.

Documentation Management

Store all documents on our HIPPA Secure Storage space and quickly access them from anywhere.

Inventory Management

Our software provides full inventory management, asset tracking, product maintenance tracking and warehouse management.

Patient Resupply Integration

Connect Answer provides an easy and efficient way to manage your patient resupply program.

Third Party Integrations

Our solution is open source and can integrate using rest APIs and web services to provide ease of use to end users. Our integrations include EPIC, VGM, Cardinal Health, Respironics, ResMed, Service Power, eSolutions, UPS, USPS, Luma, Televox and Twillio.

Client Relation Management

Connect Answer has integrated CRM solution to track and manage all leads for Referral Sources and track Sales representative’s activity real time.

Business Intelligence

Connect Answer uses Powerful, Intuitive and Predictive Analysis capable Business Intelligence tool to achieve scheduled and real time reporting requirements.


Make your referrals faster, smoother and easier to control. Here’s all great things Connect Answer’s Referral Answer can do:

Open platform designed to “bolt” onto existing healthcare system(s).
Live calling, Email, TXT, IVR and Video conference communication platform for supply replenishment and compliance data outcomes.

Integration between Healthcare Platforms in an Open Source environment. Decreasing the cost of implementation and barrier to adoption.

Patient work-flow management to improve operational efficiencies and increase cost savings.

Easy to use, designed by “you” dashboard(s). A data-driven decision support system that produces outcomes.

Modular based technology that’s customized to work as a standalone or end to end solution.

End to end workflow patient management platform for sleep labs and home sleep testing companies.

Compliance data outcomes and referral management platform for payors and health institutions.
Patient referral and workflow management solution that also provides the ability to produce performance and clinical analytics.
Seamless data integration via API’s with connected health devices to connect wearable devices to collect and produce data analytics.

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